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Guest book

Dear guests,

Thank you for your kind positive feedback. We are always very happy that you enjoyed your stay with us so much and that you are taking the trouble to tell us about this. This encourages us again and again in our work, gives us courage and strength not only to maintain our level, but to become even better.

Please send us a message by email.
For security reasons, the entries only appear after they have been checked by our team!

best regards
Your body feeling team



Jasmin she is a very nice and beautiful woman you can talk very nicely, she does a super nice massage, I was very satisfied and will visit her again

December 25, 2019


A special kind of Christmas present. It felt like I was with a friend of many years. The tender and very loving treatment took me for an hour to a land of fantasy - far away from loneliness and emptiness. Every touch, every caress, every smile found its way into my heart and triggered an inner satisfaction that I haven't experienced for a long time.

Here I find the femininity, the tenderness and the touch that otherwise seem to have died out.

I will also come by regularly in the New Year to fill up my batteries and enjoy the closeness to a wonderful woman; every minute - every second and every tender touch.

Here angels have their wings in play otherwise it wouldn't be so heavenly beautiful and dreamlike every time.

December 15, 2019


She was wonderful!

December 11, 2019


Mery, it was like a dream
I will come back.

December 03, 2019


Aylin has a very erotic charisma and can also implement this in her massage!



a very empathetic and tender lady who skillfully uses her femininity to enable the guest to feel completely at ease.
I have been a regular customer for over a year and don't want to be without this again.
One lady more tender than the other. The choice is very difficult.
I am always happy to come back for this heavenly break.



Nice and appealing ambience, very friendly and pleasant ladies, there was no unpleasant situation yet!
Mia and Mila are very empathetic! Nice that the ladies are there for us! Thank you very much for that!
Nice weekend!



It was a very nice and affectionate Polish masseuse who had her "last" day that day. Super ingenious massage from a beautiful woman.



Alex was just awesome! I would love to come back to her at any time.



Mia and Marlene

The two harmonize great with each other during the synchronized massage. It was wonderful and I can't find anything, nothing that could be done better from the front door.
On the homepage, however, there is still room for improvement ... not all women have a description in the photos, this is a bit irritating. I think it's good that the prices are displayed, but not all can be found here either, more transparency would be great.
All in all it's whining at a high level because you deserve a 1 -...
I've already been to many similar establishments and see the average at 3-4

Many thanks to the entire team ... from cleaning lady to IT managers to the ladies

Greetings and see you soon,



Thanks Marlene,
super personable and empathetic you ensure an excellent experience with a lot of consideration for personal wishes.
You can tell that you enjoy your work and I have never experienced the great way to slowly heat me up.
The end was so intense that I would describe it as a light surge of electricity.
I'll be back ;-)



It was wonderful from the first moment;
absolute repetition "risk"



I would like to thank you again for the wonderful time this morning.
My first tantra experience with Marlene was very successful.
She has just the right empathy and knows how a sensitive man like me would like to be treated.
For me it was one of the best times of my life.
Warm greetings to Marlene also to the super nice other ladies.



Zoe ... An unforgettable moment, animal-loving, sensitive and indescribably beautiful. A reunion is inevitable !!!!



After the first two visits I thought there would be no further improvement.
This time it was the fulfillment of all my dreams and wishes; From the first minute there was harmony, mutual trust and closeness to a very warm, passionate and loving lady. I felt completely comfortable and secure, a feeling that I have never experienced before. I enjoyed every second and am grateful that this is there. Ladies, Heaven sent you and we men can only be grateful for that.

Perhaps in the next life there will be such a woman as a friend, partner, fiance or wife, and the world would be a bit more tender, loving and full of bliss. THANK YOU and stay as you are! A dream come true

October 25, 2018


I was with Jasmin for the second time, it was super nice. I've been to other massages but it was a dream with Jasmin.

October 19, 2018


Mia, a very affectionate and beautiful lady who took care of me very devotedly and tenderly. I felt very good with her and will certainly entrust myself to the women more often.

The only point that still needs to be mentioned
"I would very much like to enjoy a mutual massage with hot foam, unfortunately this has not yet been possible."
You and I massage would be great if that was possible.

Otherwise everything is great. What I still miss, Marlene is hardly there. It would still be my dream to be spoiled by her.



Rea .... I'll be back .... Vg Jan



Hello dear body feeling team,
I had my second appointment with Rea today at 6 p.m. and was repeatedly thrilled. A great woman who makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. The ambience (today it was the 1st time on the 1st floor), as always, beautiful and clean.
I'm already looking forward to my next visit, hopefully back to Rea. Many greetings Markus



Hello dear team from Body Feeling. Today I was back with you again after a long time. As always, you immediately felt comfortable from the first moment. The reception is very warm so that you can switch off immediately. Everything is very neat and clean. The rooms are always very lovingly and romantically furnished. Good music selection. You get to know your body anew every time and you go home completely relaxed. I am looking forward to the next time. Thanks to Alex who makes every visit unforgettable.
best regards



Hello Julia,
I was at Mila twice in week 44/2017 and was very enthusiastic each time. Mila is a great woman and is very responsive to the customer. Great and thank you very much!

PS It's a shame that Julia is no longer part of the team.



Hello dear Bodyfeeling team. I've been to see you several times in the last few weeks and I have to say it was always a special experience. Very friendly welcome, everything was very clean. I've never felt so comfortable. I'm looking forward to it when Alex comes home from vacation then I'll definitely visit you again. I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know their body anew

best regards


Hello dear body feeling team,
on Friday October 20th, 2017 I had my second visit to you in Giessen. Was in Giessen at 9.30 p.m., I gave you a short call to see if an appointment is still possible, this was very kindly confirmed with a yes. 10 minutes later I was standing in front of the door which was opened to me by an extremely attractive young lady. After being greeted, I was shown into the massage room, where Nikita introduced herself, a very pretty and very friendly lady. Then the "receptionist" came back and told me that Nikita was the only one free, so I decided on you because I found you very personable. A short time later Nikita came back with the drink of my choice and offered me the shower. The massage was simply indescribable, first gentle touches then a little more firm massage, without me saying anything it seemed to feel where my problem areas are after my spinal canal operation. You could literally feel the tension disappeared better than with my physiotherapist. Then follow the Body2Body which carried me to the 7th heaven. I can really recommend everyone to try such a massage and I look forward to the next time.
Many greetings

October 12, 2017

Hello Mia,
Thank you for the wonderful time with you.
You have magical hands and a dreamlike body. I felt very comfortable with you - you are a great woman!
Kind regards and thank you very much again that I was allowed to have this experience,




Message: Hello, I was with you today and had a blind date massage. Which I really enjoyed and will definitely come back to you. You are the best . Many thanks to my stranger, you were great!



Hello, I was with you on 07/21/2017 at 9:00 p.m.
It was my first visit, I was welcomed very kindly by Alice, who also turned out to be my masseuse. Since I didn't know any of the women, I say when making an appointment by phone that I don't care which lady I come to. Alice turned out to be an absolute hit.
I actually thought that I have already experienced everything about eroticism, but this Body2Body massage taught me better. An absolute dream experience that I can't get out of my head. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Many greetings Markus


Hello everybody,

I'm Heiko and I was with you yesterday and the day before yesterday in Bodyfelling and I would like to leave a few positive lines for the guest book. As well as one point of criticism. (Please put music together to dream and relax, everything else is great)
I won't be able to visit you for a long time, unfortunately.
Please give Jasmin greetings. Thank you.
Wish you a happy Easter and just love showering guests.

Greetings from Heiko



Spontaneously spent two days with you in the body feeling and both times with Jasmin.
And both times it was a very nice experience, you could almost say a good friend was at work, because while we were massaging we laughed a lot and had fun, that's the way it should be.
The time flew by every time.
Cleanliness and hygiene top. Highly recommended.
The only point of criticism lies in the choice of music, which took a lot of getting used to for both of them. There is definitely room for improvement here.

Greetings from Heiko



Dear Ayla,
Thank you for this wonderful experience. Unfortunately, the lesson with you on March 20th passed far too quickly. But it was one of the most beautiful hours that I have been able to experience so far.
This is how I imagine paradise.
Greetings Holger



Thanks again to all of you.
It was just fantastic.
Super clean, great nice reception.
All presented girls are very pretty and nice.
And the lesson with Ayla was an absolute dream. Super nice. Great smell. Picture-perfect. Insane body.
Eerie instinct.

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