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Our services at a glance

Your magical break.

We touch you with our passion, our dedication, our talent.

They have a great need for touch and longing. Are you looking for an extraordinary experience of inspiring encounters and touch, closeness and warmth?

We would like to accompany you for a little while, give you a feeling of cozy warmth and pamper you, because you deserve it.

It has been scientifically proven that there are nerve fibers in human skin that are particularly sensitive to slow, gliding touches. Via their own connections, these transmit corresponding impulses directly to the brain - to an area that is responsible for positive emotions such as love and sexual arousal in humans.


The focus here is on tenderness, which you receive in the form of a particularly loving massage with pleasant, slowly gliding touches. Your masseuse not only uses her hands for this purpose, but also stimulates you with an exciting body-to-body massage.

The final part of the massage consists of gentle, mindful and  tender pampering of your erogenous zones - and culminates in a sensitive massage of the intimate area. Our particularly imaginative and varied massage grip technique is used.

The sensual massage is ideal for people who do not experience a massage in the usual sense, but rather want to experience physical closeness and receive tenderness  

Dear guests, we only accept appointments by telephone. We ask for your understanding, 

*The prices mentioned here are non-binding recommendations that were developed in consultation with the service providers.

In accordance with the legal regulations, the ladies, as independent service providers, have the opportunity to determine the prices individually at any time.

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